what's in a name

I related to the 'writer's block' theory when I sat at my computer, staring at a blank line, trying to decide what to title my blog. Something silly & catchy? Orange Gorillas Something simple & boring? Amy's Blog Something descriptive? Crazy Midwest Mommy Hhhhmmm,

I glanced at the clock on the computer and swore I could hear the internal ticking of seconds just mocking me and my indecisiveness. Then the 'Jeopardy' theme song popped into my head. Just as I was ready to give up and pick one of the above phrases, my eyes peered at the clock once again and I noticed it was nearing 3:33pm. Aha! Bingo! Eureka! By George I think she's got it ...... the name for the blog will be Three Thirty Three!

Wait, really ...... I have more to this story. This specific time holds meaning and memories for Dave and me. Back when we first started dating we did what typical young teenagers of that era did: laid on the bed (get your mind out of the gutters, please), twisted the short, curly cord around our finger and talked on the phone for h-o-u-r-s. One Sunday afternoon about 3 weeks into our puppy love relationship, Dave and I found ourselves talking away a sunny Sunday afternoon. A rare moment of silence passed, broken by Dave mentioning what time it was. "Hey, look at your Swatch Watch, it's 3:33:33!" You know how a certain smell, or sight or song will take you right smack back into a moment of time? Well, 3:33 does it to me every time. Sometimes I will be driving and notice the dashboard clock reads 3:33 and I'll open my cell phone and speed dial Dave, trying to get him on the phone before the clock ticks ahead. Dave will occasionally call me or leave me a message letting me know it is 3:33 and he is just thinking of me/us.

Corny and syrupy sweet, right? Well, that concoction is what keeps our marriage sailing along. It's all about the little things and picking some out to make them significant.


sky0138 said...

that is such a sweet story Amy! I have often wondered about the 333 name meaning. :o)

Leigh said...

My mom and I have a thing about 9:54. We'd always say "oh, my, it's 9:54." I'll never look at 9:54without thinking about that. :) I love your story and you blog and you!! :) Thanks for sharing it all!!