laundry: the drying edition

How can I write a post about making your own laundry soap without speaking of the joys of line drying? The simple act of pinning sheets to the line, hearing the 'snap' as the wind whips through the clothes and the fabulous sun-warmed scent when you slip on a shirt. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Admit it ........ it's old fashioned. Some people say hanging your clothes out for the world to view is tacky, while certain neighborhood associations go so far as to forbid clothes lines. (We do not live in such a neighborhood, by the way) I say: "Who cares!"

I do have standards, however. No unmentionables on the line (i.e. underwear, cami's, socks, braziers, garter belts or thongs) and I cannot stand the feel of stiff/itchy towels that have been line dried. So my dryer is not obsolete, just getting a little lonely and feeling under appreciated. Don't worry dryer! Your warmth will be much adored during the long, cold winter months!

As for my method, of course I have one. I'm nerdy that way.
  • shirts hang upside down, loosely, as to allow the wind to billow through them
  • pants are hung by their waistline (no more dryer-shrunk jeans!!!!!)
  • sheets are pinned top hem to bottom hem. Again ....... the billowing effect
  • my clothesline is ALWAYS retracted after use. Tacky if not. HeHe
  • never leave your clothes to hang overnight. I don't trust nocturnal animals.
  • always wear an apron with deep enough pockets to hold your clothespins IN when you bend over to grab the next item from the basket

Let me know if you want me to make one for you. Really, they're very sexy.

Watching sheets dry is my idea of relaxing. Some people have a comfy spot on a dock to watch the soothing ripples on a lake; I have my camp chair on my deck to watch the billowing sheets.

You know what this means, don't you? Yeah ....... clean sheet night.


Anonymous said...

Did you get the sheets dirty last night making hot monkey love?

Amy said...

I am sooo embarrassed to admit I know the 'anonymous' poster is is so callous and rude. Local friends; dare to guess who this person is?????!!!!!

Also Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what are you doin' tonight?

Anonymous said...

Gee?? I just can't think of who it might be....!

OK do you ever get bird poop on your laundry? I would think that would be a hazard???

Amy said...

Wendy: I have only had that problem once. I just through it in the wash again and back on the line it went. Hazard, yes. Worth the risk, yes.

emily said...

I thought I was the only one who watched as the clothes dried on the line!
I also pull up a seat and watch the grass grow right after we mow it....kooky I know but I love the way it looks and smells~