epic battles

Fought and won ....... gotta love it when that happens.

Epic Battle #1: To have Ben sleep in his own room.
Tools used: Bribery.
Length of battle: 5 nights in a row.
Results: Ben slept in his room for 5 nights in a row and in return, his collection of Star Wars figurines grew by 2. Oh, and I threw in a new paint job for his walls. They used to be yellow (in picture) and aqua blue. Now they are light blue and dark blue.

Another epic battle
- Princess Leia likes to be dominant
- some creature in the back is being eaten by a gator
- Darth Vader is being guarded by a little green army man
- Han Solo is using too big a gun for that close range
- Lightning McQueen will be called as a material witness

Epic Battle #2: To grow edible food from our garden
Tools used: Dirt and prayers. Oh, and a rain dance or two
Length of battle: 88 days.
Results: radishes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans and KOHLRABI!!!!!

Even if the kohlrabi does look like an alien spaceship.

Epic Battle #3: To attend a Taylor Swift concert with my 11 year old daughter
Tools used: Mind over matter
Length of battle: Driving to Omaha, (2.5 hours) and length of concert (3.5 hours), driving back home (2.5 hours)
Results: I got over my shaking anxiety of being surrounded by all those people who all clearly wanted to harm my daughter, (mothering makes me crazy) witnessed the look of 'pure joy' on my daughter's face when we arrived at the arena, did not embarrass Madison in an 'obvious' manner and even did some school supply shopping the next morning. WooHoo!!!

Gotta love a girl with a glittery guitar

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Wendy said...

fun! Caroline now loves "Taylor Switt" as she calls her b/c she loves the Love Story song. Bryan had to google the lyrics for her. (and yes, she is 4).