so long, summer vacation

Dear summer vacation,

Thank you for the 11 weeks of glorious weather. Even though we did not get to the pool as often as we would have liked, your cooler-than-average temperatures provided us with many fun alternative activities. We basked in the sunshine, sang into the wind and danced in the rain.

I do have a complaint about the weather, however. Since the heat and humidity were scarce, I did not fully experience the 'dog days of summer' and, consequently, am not ready for the turn of the season. Your decision to lay off the heat has spoiled me rotten. A girl could get used to that, you know? My children were less cranky. My utility bills were lower. My good hair days out-numbered the bad ...... unheard of!

The cooler weather did provide a downside, however, as my garden did not flourish as it would have with higher heat indexes. The pool passes got a little dusty and were not the 'bargain' we usually get verses paying per visit. The lawn had to be mowed more often as the rain and cooler air caused it more frequent grooming.

But, I'm not complaining. No, no. I am mourning. Mourning the loss of lazy days and spontaneous adventures. The kids are back into school, into a routine and bedding down for the night before the sun. My days are quieter now, and filled with the promise of getting our home organized, completing half-finished projects, and scheduling our days making certain to find time for nothing and even a little boredom. Breathing time.

I will miss you, summer vacation. Until next year!

School Year 2009


Anonymous said...

Beautifully put! I think you need to submit that to some magazine or something. You have a talent with words and writing my dear!

Amy said...

Darci ...... that was sweet of you to say. You must not read too many blogs because my writing PALES in comparison to many out in the blog-o-sphere.