I don't like playing favorites,

but I must admit I do. No, no; not with my children. I play favorites with calendar months. With 12 different ones to select from, I find October to be the Grand Poobah of all months. The colors! The smells! The brisk air! The lack of bugs and humidity!


In order to pay homage to my favorite set of 31 days, I will commit to blogging daily. Yep..........daily.

For today, it will be to just get through the day and be able to look back and find the grace in it. I am going through a little rough patch and need to remind myself to look up and out of myself to find the answers. Loosen up on the reins, you know?

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Jody said...

Fall is my favorite season; October is our busiest. Doug and Brenna have birthdays this month; our anniversary is this month; and half a dozen family birthdays also occur this month! Whew!

Looking forward to seeing daily posts. Watch for an email from me- I have a question for you.