ode to George

Facts about our family cat:

Name: George Francis Allen Abu (insert our last name)

Born: May 1992 ......... yes, he is 17 years old

Adopted by Dave & Amy, pre-marriage: December 1992

Weight: 8lbs, fluctuating by .5 a pound or so, ever since he was grown

Talents: Fetches beer bottle caps and brings them back to your feet to throw again

Nickname: Claw-less Ball-less George.

Loves: Catnip, Tuna from a can, the salt off of pretzels, hiding under the sheets while the bed is being made, warm bodies and laser lights

Loathes: High pitched noises, cleaning out his ears, the smell of his poop (he runs at full speed from the litter box after he has done his business), an empty water dish

Misc info about George:
  • George has never been kissed, or anything else for that matter. I feel a little sorry for him, but he doesn't seem to mind. He has witnessed carnal actions by his human caretakers, however, but doesn't seem to care that he has missed out.
  • George completely ignored Maddi when she was born, giving her a sniff and a sneer upon meeting. When Maddi was 3 and we moved to Iowa, George ordained himself as her personal protector and rarely left her side.
  • If a member of the family leaves a blanket or piece of clothing on the floor for too long, George will pee on it. He only started this behavior since he has aged, so I am giving him grace about it rather than rub his nose in it.
  • George vocalizes his desires in several different manners.
  1. A loud, long 'Meooooooow' means the door to the laundry room is closed and he cannot access his litter box. Or, he needs his water bowl refilled. Now.
  2. "Puuuuuuurring" like a lawn mower means he is happy and you better not stop adoring him.
  3. Short frilly "mews" means he wants the tuna bits left over in the can. Now.
  4. A loud, low-pitched "MOW" sound signifies he has gotten outside and eaten grass recently and presently needs to expel it from his stomach. Now.
  5. And, finally A most recent discovery of which I am a little nervous to admit. Last night I picked him up from Ellie's bed and he said "Mom" ......... clear as day. (or night, as it was) So, what do you think of that?!

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