paying it foward

Years ago when I was on pregnancy induced bed rest, friends and family were there for me at every turn. I was overwhelmed with the selfless acts of kindness and wondered how I would ever pay them back. As time went on, I realized I would never have the opportunity to pay back the same generosities, but I could pay it forward to others in need.

The past couple of days I have been with my sister, her husband and their baby daughter, Megan ....... otherwise known as 'Mighty Mouse'. I refilled water cups, laundered clothes, grabbed food, tidied up the hospital room, wrote down gifts and the names of the gifters; basically all the little things that can fall to the wayside when a new baby arrives. As a new mom, you never want to ask any more of people than you are already receiving. Guests come bearing presents, food and offers to help out in any way, so you graciously accept what is given.
You feel tremendous guilt if you ask for more ......... so being able to provide that 'more' to my sister was fabulous.

I am so blessed to have the availability of time and the understanding of my husband & kids to allow me to pay it forward, just a little bit. I have so much more to 'pay', and am excited to explore other ways to keep the kindness going.

By the way, both Megan and Jess are doing great. Megan has earned her nickname because she is so small, but extremely mighty. She is under the lights for excessive bilirubin levels but is off all supplemental oxygen. Jess is running out of her adrenaline high and will need some extra snoozes for the next couple of days. What a true blessing their challenges are so small giving the circumstances.

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