munchy monday

Today I will complete the Food Rules project; picking and choosing select rules from Michael Pollan's book that specifically 'spoke' to me.  I hope you have enjoyed this review and commentary!

 Part III: How should I eat?

Pay more, eat less.

I have a tendency to do the exact opposite.  I get all giddy when I shop at Aldi because I save lots of money, however, most of the food I purchase there is highly processed and nutrient light.  AND, as a family we seem to consume these cheap foods much faster ......... coincidence?  Me thinks so.

Since I have been spending more on higher quality, less processed, nutrient dense foods, my food budget has increased.  BUT, we are savoring the food because we know it cost more and don't want to just 'gorge' on it.  We are also getting fuller faster with the healthier choices.  

The banquet is in the first bite.

The law of diminishing returns factors in this rule.  That first bite will be the absolute best!  Taker a moment, put the utensils down and appreciate the moment of satisfaction.  If you don't, you will find yourself chasing the sensation by shoveling forkfuls of food into your mouth trying to replicate that first bite.  (not that I would know anything  about that, of course)  

Don't get your food from the same place your car does.

This rule rocks.  Totally makes sense!  Do YOU grab lunch or a snack at the Quicky Mart when you purchase gasoline?  I have a friend (with the initials KM) who should pay close attention to this piece of advice. 

Treat treats as treats.

Hand in the air!  Hand in the air!  putting hand down so I can file this one away.

Finally, rule # 64, Break the rules once in awhile.

Pheeeeewwwwww.  I thought I would never be able to eat McD's french fries again without a MAJOR self-induced guilt trip.  I just need to concentrate on the 'once in awhile' portion of the rule and I will be golden.

Now, let's EAT!!!!!!!!!

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Kara said...

I don't eat at the same place my car eats, but I drink from that place. Come on, QT is so darn clean....and they have the best ice in the whole wide world. As for the doughnuts, I only get them on special occasions, and they don't make them at that actual store, they bring them up from a bakery in Kansas City.....my justification.