spring break

The kiddos were out of school for their spring break, hence the lack of posting on my blog.  We, well ...... the kids and I,  traveled to the great state of Nebraska and visited relatives in my home town of Omaha.  We stayed with the grandparents and decided to go to a couple of the museums while we were hanging out. 

This was St. Patrick's Day spenty at the Durham Museum in downtown Omaha.

Obligatory staged photo in front of the building.  But hey, I can take these now that my kids are old enough to stand still when I tell them to!

These statues are throughout the train station part of the Durham Museum.  They have an electronic eye and the characters start up a conversation when anyone gets near.  Ellie was a little freaked out, so she wouldn't get any closer than this.

Union Pacific Railroad train.  Really cool to see them up close and personal.

This was a minature train display ....... HUGE!

The traveling exhibit was "Are we There Yet?" containing antique pedal cars. This was a depiction of NE's carhenge.

I love that my kids are at an age when they can run ahead and explore and I can hang bag and watch it all happen.

There Ben is.  I was wondering where he hopped off to. 
Oops.  I seem to be missing Ellie.  I'd better not hang back too far.

Phew ...... there is my Ellie Bellie.  Getting a drink.

The kiddos posing in line at the ticket counter.  I wonder who is behind the counter?!?!?!

Oh, the Museum Store is behind the ticket counter.  Now, if we could only find the lower half to the nice ticket cashier.

After the museum, we stopped in at King Kong for a bite of lunch.

I think Ben can take him in the staring contest, don't you? 
The chains crack me up ....... I guess people have tried to free these diamond backs?

Next up; visiting Papa Pizza!

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