a public apology

To whom it may concern,

     To anyone who heard me say "Yes, I take my kids to McDonald's for Happy Meal Wednesday.  At $1.59 (then $1.69 and $1.89 over the last 2 years) it is cheaper to feed them at Micky D's than preparing a meal at home!"  I am sorry.  I apologize.  I was wwwwwwrong.  Because you didn't get the full story.
     What I didn't say was that I picked up a meal deal for myself and hubby, and often times Ben & Ellie asked for a Mighty Meal (regular price) while Maddi requested a snack wrap, fries and separate drink.  By the time it was said and done, the 'cheap' meal ended up costing us ~$25; blowing my theory of less expensive than a home cooked meal.
     I don't even want to talk about the amount of calories and fat we ingested.  But, hey .........the kids were happy about the new toy and I was happy because I didn't have to cook and hubby was happy because he didn't have to clean pots and pans.  Win-Win!
     Remember the saying "When you KNOW better you do BETTER, (WYKBYDB)"?  Well, I can not say I didn't know it was bad to feed your family fast food, but I honestly did believe it was cheaper and less stressful.  After watching Super Size Me, however, I must now DO better.
     Just last Friday I had a craving for McD's. (yes, even after watching 2/3 of the documentary ....... it's C-R-A-C-K I tell ya!)  I even grabbed my purse and was ready to head to our neighborhood dealer.  Somewhere along the drive I reminded myself about "WYKBYDB", made a detour and instead went to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for dinner ......... grilled boneless-skinless-chicken-breast, roasted asparagus, cantaloupe and strawberries.  patting myself on the back.
     Another decision I will be making tonight, thanks to WYKBYDB, is to opt out of taking the family to 'Wendy's Night'.  This once a month activity is designed to raise money for our school's PTO, with 10% of sales (from 5-8pm) given by Wendy's restaurant to Ben and Ellie's school.  We have participated every month since September, and have personally contributed about $13,  10% of our food tab for 7 months  Sure, Ben & Ellie love to go and eat with their friends, and I can select healthy choices from their menu, but then the kids wouldn't get their toy!  And don't forget the free balloons!  Oh, and the contest each class holds to earn a Frosty party if they raise the most money!
     So, tomorrow I will present our PTO with $1.90, while tonight we will stay at home, eating as a family, and enjoying a fresh homemade meal.  Sure I will have to cook and Dave will clean up, but I will fee better about the choices we made.


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