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While menu planning for the week, I wanted to work in the beautiful red quinoa I purchased from the farmer's market.  A friend recently told me about Heidi Swanson's cookbook, Super Natural CookingWhile I have yet to purchase the book, I am interested in Heidi's story and happened upon some great recipes on her cooking blog: 101 Cookbooks.

I searched the 101 site for quinoa recipes and decided on Delicious Big Bowl Quinoa.  Sure, it didn't call for the red variety, AND I didn't have fresh asparagus, (shock!) so I improvised a bit.  I also decided to mix it all (quinoa, onions, potatoes, toasted walnuts & garlic) together rather than serve it like in the photo.  Hey, it's enough that I get it on the table ....... I have to make it look pretty, too?!

As I get into the preparation of the meal, I begin to worry about what my children will think about it.  One, it is meatless.  Two, it didn't smell so great since I over-toasted the walnuts.  Three, I didnt' have a back up.  Oh well, I decided to set the bowl on the table and hope for the best.  

The best didn't happen

Don't worry; I also served some broccoli and cauliflower, which everyone loved.  Throw in some bread with butter & honey and call it done.  No one left the table hungry.

* For the record, Maddi ate 2 servings, Ben picked out the potatoes, Dave declared it 'earthy' and I concluded it was something that tasted better the more you ate it.  Ellie?  well, let's just say hers got pushed around the plate quite a bit.


Football & Fried Rice said...
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Football & Fried Rice said...

maybe ellie would have like it more had you actually HAD the asparagus :)


looks good to me. you can cook healthy for me anytime!