feel the love

So, eating better is supposed to make your immune system stronger, right?

Five antibiotics for five people with strep throat.  We must all love each other LOTS and LOTS to share germs like we do.

Yep; a clean sweep in our household.  Dave didn't actually test positive at the doctors office with the rest of us, but was prescribed antibiotics anyway and was informed to take it if he felt any symptoms.  "Hhhhmmmm, maybe this is why I have been so wiped out the last couple of days and have had a headache and scratchy throat!"  says the hubby when I tell him about the appointment.  Um, yeah.  Open the hatch and down the gullet with the antibiotic bullet!

Now empowered with our prescriptions, I must stock up on some probiotic rich yogurt and kefir for some major gut healing at the end of the next 10 days.  This should all fit in so nicely with the real food challenge our family will embark upun on August 5th for 10 days. 

Huh.  10 days of antiobiotics and 10 days for the challenge.  I wonder what the significance of a 10 day cycle is?  I suppose I could 'Google' it, but I would much rather have someone respond in the comments with the answer.


Off to heal.


Football and Fried Rice said...

i am sure glad i didn't come IN your house ;)

you are starting your challenge the day we're scheduled for lunch at Panera!!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!! Feel better soon. Don't be offended if you see me running the other way if I see you out somewhere! :0)

Amy said...

Sara ....... What better way to start a challenge than with friends watching every decision you make?!

Wendy ........ but you run the other direction VERY time you see me out somewhere ;)