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I seem to only have time for a quick post of the Farmer's Market today.  Between the kids on the computer and cousins visiting and outdoor play a priority, I have missed being able to have my quiet time in this space.  Oh well, soon enough school will start up and I will be back to my regular musings.  Lucky you! ::wink::

  •  BGF - Eggs, Lemonade, regular cucumbers and a Japanese variety called Suyo Long (thank you Jill! Oh, and the flavor was bright and crisp and so very clean on the tongue) Lavender syrup and Lemon Balm (correction from lemongrass earlier stated)  syrup for my fruity herb iced teas (so yummy) Chariton, Iowa
  •  Dirty Gertie goat milk soaps in Georgia Peach, Herbal Garden, Peppermint and Pineapple scents Laurel, Iowa

  • Emmack Farms green beans and tomatoes  Colfax, Iowa

  • Farm Boys Hearty Food breakfast burritos  Prescott, Iowa

  • Ebert honey Lynnville, IA
 All purchases made today were locally produced anywhere from 26 - 96 miles away from Ankeny, Iowa.

    Beautiful stand display Foxhollow Farm

    I ::think:: this is the Everett produce stand.  I took the photo because I love their pretty set-up, but missed getting their sign in the frame!

    Maddi, Cousin Jenny and Ellie enjoying the Farm Boys breakfast burritos!

    I was very impressed with Maddi for purchasing this flower hair band.  She usually doesn't go for something this feminine.  The vendor was local, but again, missed the name.


    BlueGate said...

    Hey lady, good as always to see you today...and thanks for the product promotions to the kindergarten teacher, she came by looking for herb syrup shortly after you left : )
    Your long cuke is a Japanese variety called Suyo Long, and your syrup was actually lemon balm, as I stink at raising lemongrass ; ) Enjoy!!

    Amy said...

    Thank you for the specifics, Jill. That is why YOU grow 'em and I eat 'em. ;)

    BlueGate said...

    We make a good team that way! ; )

    Football and Fried Rice said...

    Hey - you doin' the market this saturday???

    Amy said...

    Not the downtown market, Sara. My brother and his family are stopping in on their way to Adventureland. I will hop on over to the Ankeny market, however, I doubt they will have Maytag blue cheese.

    What?! Are ya 'Jonesin' for some?