national farmers market week

Did you know August 1st-7th of this year is National Farmers Market Week?  Apparently the Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsak ...... who also happens to be a former Governor to my fine state of Iowa, officially encouraged the people of the United States to celebrate the benefits of local, fresh produce. 

FINALLY, someone in a high falutin' position in Washington has their noggin screwed on right.   

What's a proud citizen like myself to do?

You know it.  Grab my (new and fancy and oh so cool) grocery cart, along with the handsome man who purchased it for me, and head on down to the market.  Party on.

1.  Ciabatta (sans olives) from la mie

2.  Colorado rose potatoes from Grinell Heritage Farms and purple fingerling's from Westrum Produce

3.  suyo long cucumber, burpless cucumbers, eggs, wildflower honey, elderflower syrup and cherry tomatoes from BGF

4.  vidalia onions from ......... some sweet older man with a stand

5.  banana peppers from Crooked Gap Farm

6.  my favorite soap in all the world: Herbal Harmony made by Karla Moore and sold by Prairieland Herbs

7.  concord grape jelly from Victoria's Table because Ben really only likes grape jelly on his pb&j's.

1 comment:

Football and Fried Rice said...

Is that Maytag blue cheese I see in the background!?!?!

A woman after my VERY.OWN.heart. How are we not best friends??

You know, Tom Vilsack happens to be from my home town of Mount Pleasant, Iowa. His wife, Christie, was my English teacher.

Small world.