balance check

Chuga-chuga-choo-choo!!!!  The little engine that could was plugging along, around the curves, up the hills and down the slippery slopes.  This is life!  As long as it kept saying to itself "I think I can, I think I can", all was well.  Sometimes the engine slows to a snails pace and other times it throws the throttle in reverse in order to switch tracks.  In the best of times it gets to coast along with nary a care.  But, sometimes:

eeeeeekkkkkkkkk!  *crashbangpowkaploey* Did you see that?  It come out of nowhere!

On Sunday, September 26th 2010, Type 1 Diabetes crashed into our lives.  Ellie Rae was diagnosed and life as we knew it had changed.

It is now almost 1 month later and I am finally rebounding from the blow.  Finally ready to come back to my 'happy place' and share my thoughts, photos, conversations and happenings.  Finally ready to connect with people and places who are threaded together by a disease with no cure.  Finally ready to accept this is my new way of life.

Ellie is:

- feeling good
- counting carbs
- giggling again
- poking her finger 6-10 times a day
- riding her bike with no hands
- singing with her iPod
- giving herself 3 insulin shots a day
- teaching others
- going to school
- emptying the dishwasher
- yelling at her brother
- playing the piano

Ellie is the same ........ but her needs are different, now. 

We are picking up the pieces and setting things in place, trying to figure out how to balance our new normal.

Please ask questions
Please pray for us
Please treat us as you did before
Please ask us for a favor
Please don't be afraid
Please count on us
Please give us grace

Whatever you do, please don't disappear.  We need the support of our friends and family more now than ever. 


Kara said...

Love you hot lips.....

Smuff said...

It's about time you put your BIG GIRL panties on and started blogging again! You call, I'm there. You pray, I hear. You fall, I carry. Why? Cause that's what "balance" is. I needed you...now you need me...balance check!! So proud of you (and Ellie) stay strong...luv ya sis.

BlueGate said...

The Chicken Hat offer still stands!

Tiggeriffic said...

I have diabetes Type 2..when the Dr. told me I was mad.. I love sugar. But one has to take this disease seriously and do what one has to do daily. The amount of education one has to learn is surrmountable. But I have learned and doing well. The hardest thing is with other people's thoughts that don't have diabetes.. Oh a peice of cake with all that frosting won't hurt you. Yikes~!
One has to stay strong and keep up with the program.. It's not fun, but I'm learning how to eat and it's getting better. Sorry to hear that Ellie has diabetes.. It's just a whamm-o to one's life. There is lots of information out there to help us. Thank goodness~!

Amy said...

Jill ...... Between the chicken hat and performing the tea pot song/dance; I won't have time to be anything but happy! ;)

Wendy said...

Ahhh.....what a refreshing sight to see :)

Welcome Back, my new friend. And welcome to your new journey...

BTW -- my word verification is


Things are looking upnes :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yes, welcome to your safe little corner of the WWW where people join you to laugh, love & PRAY with you! And count cards too :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

hot lips? We need to talk!