I did it!

I completed another 'first' with Ellie since her Ddiagnosis ..... which was 4 weeks ago today, officially.  This past Friday Ellie, Maddi and I hopped in the car and took a quick road trip to visit my sister and help celebrate my niece Megan's first birthday.

Why is this so special?  Because I traveled with all the Dstuff and didn't forget any of the Dstuff and used all the Dstuff with N-O complications!!!!!  Go me.  We stopped at Subway for dinner, requested a nutritional guide before we ordered, and enjoyed every last bite without worrying how I was going to calculate the carbs.  Ellie tested in the car and even gave herself a shot while in the car. (No worries, the car wasn't moving). 

At the party my sister had lots of fresh veggies and dip Ellie could munch on without going over 15 grams.  Homemade pumpkin cupcakes were for the desert and Ellie decided to forgo the sweet and instead munch on some lil' smokies.  Gotta love a girl who turns down sugar for meat ;).

Blood sugars remained semi-steady and we made it through the night with Ellie snuggled up close to me in the guest bed.  I just can't describe how happy I am with the 24-hour road trip.  I got to love on my nieces, chat with my sister, spend some great quality time with my girls and all without being completely consumed with diabetes. 

 Maren is going to be a pink poodle for Halloween. See? She is already practicing eating a pink lollipop.

 Miss Meggie Moo Magoo is sporting a chicken costume. As you can see, she is not too please with being stuffed.

While this may look cruel, I can assure you much laughter and enjoment was had by all (except maybe for the chicken).


snekcip said...

Love the costume! Have to know "where did you find the pink poodle costume?" *found your page thru "football and fried rice"!

Tiggeriffic said...

Good for Ellie,I have found out that eating meat or vegetables is a better option than eating something sugary... Glad you had a great trip to see your sister.

I loved the poddle costume and the chicken... Cute Cute Cute~!~!

Reyna said...

Seriously??? The Chicken costume is hilarious! Well the photo and the disgruntled "chicken" totally makes it!!! Love the costumes and love that you had a great time and weren't consumed with D on the road trip. You rocked it D' Sistah!

Amy said...

Hi and welcome! My sister got the costume from an independant children's boutique in their town, so I have no idea where the costume might be elsewhere. :(

It is sooooooo soft and sooooo cute. I'll ask my sis if there is a tag to check the manufacturer.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yeah, Mom!!I am so proud of you. You MADE it - you are an official, responsible, Carb counting, road trip taking Mommy!!

Next Stop: I say we hit the new American Girl Doll store in Kansas City!

I'm just sayin ;)

BakkeChaos said...

So proud of you, Mama!!! (and your travel companions!) :) That picture is priceless - you've got blackmail on Meggie for YEARS!!

Jamie said...


And that chicken costume looks pretty damn comfortable too! If they made an adult version, I just might have to get my own and use it as pajamas.