You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

My kiddos LOVE hot chocolate.  I always have some mix on hand for when the cold settles in for the season.  Living in an area of the country where cold temps last anywhere from 5-6 months out of the year, my stash of cocoa often earns it's own shelf in the cupboards.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery store and remembered I needed to stock up again.  It is Autumn and that can mean one day we may be in shorts and a T-shirt, while the next we are scrambling to dig out the hats and gloves.  Better to be prepared than be sorry.

While looking at the various kinds of cocoa, I suddenly realized this year things would be a little different.  A cup of cocoa with marshmallows for Ellie would mean an extra dose of insulin which would mean an extra shot. (We are doing MDI on Humalog and Lantus for our basal)

If Ellie snacks on something less than 15 grams of carbs, no shot.  Aha!  Find a cocoa with less than 15g per serving and badda-bing badd-boom, no poke for her.  The Nesquik I purchased has only 7g per serving when mixed with water ........ perfect!

Last night we put the drink to the test.  It was snack time after dinner and Ellie wanted some of her *new* hot cocoa, and paired it with a protein. It appeared to make a nice, balanced choice.

Not so.

Ellie's bedtime blood glucose reading was 328 :o!  (Her ideal range is 80-150) Since we are newly diagnosed and not instructed on corrections, we do nothing about a high number but check for ketones and drink extra fluids.  Not an ideal set-up for going to sleep.

Now for the funny:

My hubby is in the kitchen and has a Sharpie in one hand and the box of Nesquick in the other.  He is giggling and smirking as he is writing something on the lid.  He tilts it down to show me and I read: Makes Ellie High!

She had told him he should write that on the box so we would remember for next time she wanted to drink it that it makes her 'high'.


'High' has a WHOLE new meaning to me now ;)

p.s.  20 bonus points for the 1st person who guesses what movie the line in the title came from


Tiggeriffic said...

I am a diabetic and when making hot chocolate this is what I do:
2 cups skim milk
3 Tablespoons cocoa
8 packets of splenda
sugar free whipped topping.
Mix together Splenda & cocoa mix.
Gradually add milk: whisk until blended and hot.
Pour into mug~add a dollop of sugar free whipped topping.

I have started using Stevia for sugar substitude. Use it the same as Splenda. Anything that requires sugar I use Splenda or Stevia.. It cooks/bakes wonderfully.
Diabetes is a new adventure and makes one think about what one puts in ones mouth.
I have found sugar-free ice cream can make me have a high reading. So be careful with that one. Just because it says it's sugar free , one still has to be careful...

Reyna said...

Bummer on the high! And yes, there is a whole different look you get when chasing your young one (like a 3 year old) on the playground and questioning whether they are high! LOL.

I hope you get it figured out...for her. I just up and bolus Joe for it...I actually have to give him a little less insulin than the pump would recommend...otherwise, he will drop.

Meri said...

Princess Bride!! Princess Bride!! Best movie EVER!

Maybe have the doc give you a sliding scale on corrections. The holidays are coming! You need something to fix her up at night! Good luck, I hope you find the right hot chocolate for her soon!

Smuff said...

Princess Bride...I haven't thougth of that movie in a long time!!!!

Amy said...

Ding, ding, ding!!!!! We have a winner!

Nice job, Meri. And yes, best movie e-v-e-r.

You may spend your 20 points ....... wait for it ....... as you wish ;)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Your hubby has nice (girly?) handwriting :)

I have to confess - never seen The Princess Bride.

Insert gasping now.

I am so ashamed.

But I HAVE seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High ;)


Wendy said...

It's so crazy how we start to see the world from an entirely new point of view. Dinner used to be LET'S EAT!!!...now it's HOW MANY CARBS!!!

Ah, well...live and learn. Keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Thanks for linking up your blog to Candy Hearts, btw :) You look great on that wall.

Heather said...

You made me laugh! We forget about that stuff sometimes. It has been so long it just seems normal...however now that my daughter is a teen I hear her giggle occasionally when I ask her a question like "are you high?" Not because she has ever been the other type of high but because now she knows there is more than one kind.

I love the Princess Bride...out other favorite quote is fron Labyrinth...Sarah says (again) "thats not fair!" and the Goblin King says, "You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is?"
Thanks for following me back BTW...I would be happy to help in anyway I can anytime you may need it! Even if its just to scream.