first D-Halloween

Another first out of the way ........ and a BIGGIE at that!

Yep!  Halloween 2010 was celebrated in spite of being 5 weeks into Ellie's T1 diabetes diagnosis.

I know the reason for the success was due to some great ideas other people shared about how to handle this 'carbaholic-simple-sugar-laden' holiday.

Here is how we rolled with it:

 - we tanked Ellie up with pizza before heading out to trick-or-treat. 

 - we walked and ran and giggled our way through several blocks until Mr. Ninja (Ben) declared he was DONE.

 - the kids poured out their loot on the kitchen table and ::gasped:: at the amount of colorful wrappers and yummy treats

 - we picked out and put aside all the candy Ellie could use to treat 'lows'.  Smarties, fun-sized Skittles, candy corn and SweetTarts. 

 - we gave Ben and Ellie a couple of minutes to select 10 pieces of candy/treats they would like to keep.  No restrictions on type.

 - the remainder of the candy was bagged up and put in the pile of things Daddy will take to work on Monday.  in other words ..... get it all out of the house.

 - Mommy and Daddy stole some favorites for themselves to devour later ;)

 - Ben and Ellie were each handed a $5 bill in exchange for the candy.

And, that's it!  No grumbling or tears or whining!  Well, almost.

Ellie started to get cranky and we realized it was probably time to get a blood sugar reading. 

Sure enough, the meter read 69 so Ellie got to pick out a treat from her new 'low' stash.  SKITTLES!!!!!!

I swear somehow she planned that ;)

This face?  Sneaky?  Nah.


Reyna said...

Joe ran low too...all night (even with a 50% reduction in basal for the 2 hours of TOTing)! TOTing takes a lot out of them.

Jamie said...

Those little ones are smarter than they let you believe. ;-)