fun time

Last Saturday the girls and I spent some time together.  FUN time together. 

Serious difference between the two now that school and activities take up a majority of their waking hours and most of our conversations revolve around:

'Did you remember to......'

'When will you ....' ,

'You need what by when?'

Then add in the conversations I am having with Ellie since was diagnosed:

'Have you checked .......'

'Do you feel low?'

'Did you eat half or a third?'

The blessings of a sunny day, a market to shop, baubles to admire and no schedule to follow were just that ............ blessings.

Fun time with two daughters who love to be silly and who don't get too embarrassed by their Mama's crazy ideas to create optical illusions.

I mean we were in public and people were looking at us!  Geeze Mom.  But hey, it's kind of funny and we are laughing and you know what?  Who cares!

Until I asked them to growl and yell and scream and act like they were really kicking the bridge.

Nope.  Not gonna happen.

So they ran ........... and laughed and screamed and yelled all the way across ;)

November is Diabetes Awareness Month


Amanda said...

Looks like a dreamy day! I'm so glad that Halloween went well. =)

Reyna said...

OMGoodness...now that looks like a seriously "picture perfect" day!

Football and Fried Rice said...

HILARIOUS!! I know these sites :) You are such a good Mommy!!