good intentions

I could sum up this week with the phrase; "Well, I had good intentions!"  Don't we all, really?  Let's recap:

Monday - I offered to give a ride home from school to one of my friend's daughter since Mom was off sipping umbrella drinks on a beach.  Hey, it's her honeymoon . . . . I wasn't too jealous.  I arrived early but somehow got stuck in the slow lane and the daughter gave up on me and walked home instead.  "Well, I had good intentions!"

Tuesday - A day set aside for me and my sidekick, Ceesa, to road trip.  This is when I turn into Thelma and she, Louise.  We hop in one of our miniature vans and pinkie swear to be silly and care free.  It had been so long since we made time for each other, however, that we had too much to catch up on and not enough highway.  I tried my best and took the camera along so you can see for yourself:

1.  Workmen looking down a sewer hole.  I found it funny at the time?

2.  Ceesa's :: ahem, I mean Louise's :: husband forgot his cell phone so we stopped by his office to deliver it.  Look, He's a Husker fan!

3.  Me with a 1 pound bar of chocolate at Trader Joe's.  Not purchased.

4.  A stop by the Apple store at the mall for a new power cord.  These floating app cards made me smile.

5.  Louise's favorite store; Walgreen's.  She states you can find anything and everything you would ever need at this place.  Challenge?!

6.  Big thumbs down to the spice store, Penzey's.  Neither of us had been to the place so we were excited about a new find.  Unfortunately our noses wrinkled and our heads snapped back with most of the samples.  Maybe the spices were stale?

Somewhere in the middle of all that we stopped at Panera's for lunch.  I ordered their new Thai chopped chicken salad.  It tasted fine, but later in the evening my digestive system decided it didn't like the Thai salad and my headache proved the spices in the store too much.  I felt pretty yucky for about 24 hours.  Hhhhhmmmmm.  "Well, I had good intentions!"

Wednesday - The calendar said I was to do housework and then meet a couple of D-mom's for coffee to go over some 504 Plan examples.  Ben's high fever and cough swiped my plans clean off the table and I switched roles to comfort my sick little man.  "Well, I had good intentions!"

Thursday - Ahhhhhhh.  My morning to meet with my favorite JG's (Jesus Girls) and spend the morning in fellowship and prayer for our school aged kids (MITI). The coffee is awesome and one of the gals just had a baby boy 'squee'  whom I love to snuggle. Then I was scheduled to go to Ceesa's home to watch the intro to a Beth Moore bible study we decided to get in on . . . . Daniel:  Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy.  Guess what!  Yep.  Ben still sick.  My prayers were in solitude this day.  "Well, I had good intentions!"

Friday - Finally!  A day to grocery shop, catch up on laundry, open the windows and clear out the sicky germs.  AND, a reschedule of Wednesday's meet-up for coffee and D-talk.  Um . . . . Kaploey!  Ben. is. still. sick.  "Well, I had good intentions!"

The good news is Ben is on the mend and the ugly virus finally released it's grip in him.  The not so good news is I felt trapped in world of repeat, much like a record skipping on the same track. 

The good news is it is Friday and my handsome side-kick will be home shortly to give me a much needed respite from sick care.  The not so great news is the house is in such a disarray it will take all hands on deck to whip it back into shape.

The good news is a fresh new week is on the horizon.  The not so great news is I will be spending it on  . . . . . . JURY DUTY!!!!


Roselady said...

I love your positive att!
And, I love that you get together to pray for the school-aged kids. They so need those prayers. Lovely!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Awesome post! I loved walgreens too and silly days with my girls.

Hope next week rocks!! Ps: my house is a mess too since ive been sick. Blech.

Deanna said...

I believe you probably could find anything under the sun at Walgreens!

Hope you have a smooth jury duty week!

Meri said...

I have no funny, inspirational comment right now...but I am writing this with the BEST of intentions!

:) Here's to a great next week!

Love ya!

Nikki said...

You guys are a hoot! As moms, we definitely need and deserve time to "destress". Let me know how the Daniel study goes. I actually just bought Beth Moore's "God's Dwelling Place" on the tabernacle. I couldn't do the bible study with the group because I don't have enough time to devote to the homework. I have "good intentions" to do it on my own, but we'll see where it goes. Keep trucking Amy, you're doing great!

Joanne said...

I'm more of a CVS girl myself. One good thing about being a Canadian living in the U.S. is I'll never have to worry about jury duty!

Reyna said...

Glad Ben is feeling better! What a week of great intentions and I, too, love your attitude Amy. Your following through on the choosing "JOY" - WOOT! BELLY BUMP...and a HIGH FIVE into your weekend good friend!

sky0138 said...

So glad the virus has left the building and he is feeling better! I also just wanted to mention that i love the fact that you took a pic of the workmen staring down into the sewer hole...lolol...i thought it was funny too!

Wendy said...


Love Walgreens. It's, like, almost Target. Almost.

Mrs. Tuna said...

What no chocolate! What were you thinking.