pulling a prompt

Today has kicked my arse.  Allow me to explain:

1.  Last night my hubby left town to go be with his folks while his dad went through a cardiac catherization procedure.  The appointment wasn't until noon today and it wasn't until after I got the call that all went SPLENDIDLY that I realized I had been holding my breath all morning.  No blockages and thus, no stints needed to be placed.  Praise the Lord!

2.  I spent way too much time on the computer searching for the best deals on the rest of our homeschooling curriculum.  Too much time that didn't yield the prices I wanted to spend, but it needed to be done and now my wallet it slim.

3.  Too much time with too little structure for my children today = the grouchies . . . for them and for me.

4.  The blank page that is to be my Mom's memorial tribute mocked me by remaining word free.  I have 9 days to start and finish it before we lay my mom to rest with her parents and brother.

5.  And finally, I tried to end the day on a high note by taking the younger two kiddos and their bestest buddies to a late afternoon swim at the pool.  I *think* it worked for them, but my headache returned so I only half succeeded.

All this to say I am pulling the day 13 NaBloPoMo prompt for this evening and then putting the lid on this day.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the telephone?

Wow.  I sat here and thought about it and finally had to pick up my phone to look through the call log.  I am guessing texting and leaving messages do not count . . . . . so, it was Ceesa!!!

I am not surprised.  She is who I call when I need a plan, and boy howdy did I need a plan by 2pm this afternoon.  I knew what I needed to get accomplished, but I needed her help figuring out what to do with the kids and when.  Since she happens to have birthed 3 beautiful children of her own, I knew she could help a friend out and work me through an idea or two. 

Aren't friends the bestest?!


Holly said...

I love Ceesa! Anyone who'll help you plan AND stand in for a Holly Hobbie picture is a great friend. : )
I hope your day went better. Are you reading your mom's memorial tribute aloud? Maybe you could interview your kids and take up a tiny bit of time with each of their best memories of her and then yours? I haven't written one, so I'm no expert. I hope you can gather your thoughts. : ) Hugs, Holly

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

1. Yay that everything looks good with your FIL.
2. Yay that you have curriculum now.
3. Boo for the grouchies and headaches.
4. Yay for friends to face you in the right direction.
5. Blessings for a cheaper, cheerier, and pain free tomorrow.

Lora said...

Look who's slumin it over on the prompts page!!!! J/K

I hope your FIL recovers quickly and your hubby is home soon.

I know you will find the most amazing words for your Mom. Take a deep breath and don't forget to take care of yourself.

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Love the picture!!!!

On the homeschooling front, what are you looking for? I'd be glad to throw a shout out to our homeschool group to see if anyone has what you are looking for at a good price.

Let me know.

Joanne said...

Awesome pic. You crack me up... I love head-in-holes pictures.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Oh, Amy, yuck! If it makes you feel better, your Alaska pod pot was resurrected today! Hoping to get a box for it tomorrow so it can be on it's way to you!
Hoping your sleep tonight brings restoration and peace!

Reyna said...

That has to be weighing heavily on your mind Amy...the memorial tribute to your mother. Thinking of you as you embark on this meaningful, yet difficult task.

And..I.SO.GET.YOU and the "grumpies" if the kids aren't kept "going" all day. I spent yesterday hanging with Joe and a bunch of skateboarders at a skate park...OY.