good fridays

Another Friday come and gone . . . well, almost.  Three moments I am grateful for this week (no T1D allowed) as the temperature and humidity crawl back up to August standards.  Ugh.

1.  We survived the first 2 days of going 'off the grid!'  No, we haven't moved to an eco-communal living farm.  We just took a flying leap off the public school grid and began homeschooling.  It was a surreal experience to wake up Thursday morning and head down to the 'school room' and begin teaching my kiddos the three R's . . . while adding in current events, science, art, music, geography, history and bible study.  I am not gonna lie, I was more than a little scared and anxious about how it was all going to play out.  Not only was I surprised at the ease of the transition, however, I also grinned and giggled knowing we could work at our own pace and change up the 'rules' when we needed.  Today was no different, and I dare say a little smoother, and I am beginning to believe we are actually going to make this adventure happen.  Woo-To-The-Hoo!!! 

2.  One of the best moments of the week was spent swimming at a church-friend's backyard pool with our 'other' family.  It also happened to be during the first day back to school for our community.  HeHe.  Yeah, we had ourselves a good old-fashioned 'not-going-back-to-school' party while most of their friends were sitting at a desk in a classroom listening to lectures.  Really, though . . . did you expect anything less from us?!

3.  The last grateful moment involves an appointment with my favorite 13yo and my hair stylist.  Maddi and I had our locks trimmed and colored, with her opting for a bright red hair extension and me selecting a overall dark chestnut full color with purple undertones.  Don't worry, it sounds so much more dramatic than it looks.  I guess I could prove it with a photo, but I would much rather let your minds wander and wonder. 

Yeah, it's definitely Friday an I am feeling a little spunky and snarky.

"Hey, did you SEE Amy and Maddi's hair?  What were they thinking?!"


Diane D said...

sounds great but... need a hair photo!

Roselady said...

Love to hear about your hairy adventures...

Football and Fried Rice said...

Hoop Diddy! I sure think those church friends need to keep the pool parties coming :) you know, so we can make it and all!

Really, really need a hair pic :-) did you do that during school hours?

Lora said...

Now all we need is some HOT new shoes to go with your hottie hair and Friday spunk!!

So glad all the pool parties... I mean schooling is going well ;)

Holly said...

LOVE that pool picture! : ) and your not-back-to-school party : )

I wanna see the hair too!! (Ps-do you let your 13yo color her hair? MC has asked for highlights, and I say NO!..but she's only 9!!)

Sarah said...

that pool looks so inviting! Glad you guys are enjoying your back to "school" I think you found the perfect timing to really make it work for all your kiddos ;)