good fridays

What an absolutely beautiful weather week. We are enjoying temperatures into the 80's and a fabulous autumn leave-changing season. Homeschool has taken back seat to the outdoor exploring opportunities this week and I am not concerned one little nuetron. Soon enough we will have full days of freezing cold sleet to cuddle up inside and catch up on our boookwork. We want and NEED to get out and enjoy the great weather while it lasts.

And now, let's catch up on 3 things I am most grateful for this past week.

1. New Discoveries
I am most likely one of the last persons on the planet to create a Pinterest account. Sure, I have known about the 'virtual cork board' for awhile, but I was hesitant to add even one more thing to my addiction basket. I finally caved and I am oh so happy I did. What a great site to inspire, laugh and share ideas for a more creative life.

2. Hope
I am a Jesus Girl and believe in the gospel. I am also a Hope Girl who likes to live in a world where unicorns are possible. . . . even if it exists in my head. Why? Just take a look at this:

Isn't that grand?

3. Old Friends
I am most grateful to have spent my teenage years next door to these 3 fabulous neighbors. (my dad is on the far right). Sean, Mary Beth and Joe were the best kind of neighbors. They always waved and said hi when we were outside or walking by. Their front door was an open invitation to stop over and chat, grab a snack or borrow a cup of sugar . . . or eggs, or milk, or bread . . . whatever you might need. They were the type of neighbors, who, when witnessing our family's many teenage shenanigans, buttoned their lips and promised not tell our parents, but also let us know they were keeping a watch over us. They always assured us we could come to them if things got out of hand or needed a ride home without question or disapproval. As our family grew up and moved out of the neighborhood, we stayed friends and kept involved in each other's lives. Weddings, graduations, birthday celebrations and other family gatherings always included an invitation to 'old neighbors.'

This weekend our families will gather together again, but this time to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of Mary Beth. She passed away this week after battling multiple complications of chemotherapy. Mary Beth was only 48 years old, but lived a life full of joy and laughter. My family is honored to have known her and experienced the kind of friendship rarely found over the next door fence.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead to spend with the people you love most. Treasure the time now . . .


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Aww... We had neighbors like that growing up and a couple of years ago the dad died. So sad, but wonderful to see old friends again.

Your friend was too young, I'm sorry.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Stupid cancer! She was only 48! I'm so, so sorry. We, too, had neighbors like that, and over the years, they have become like family to me. (((HUGS))) to you, my friend!

BTW, I just noticed that you read Reagan's Blob. I do, too. Love Pip!

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, enjoy your time together this weekend.

I have to say I don't even know what pintrest is. And I don't want to. I don't need another time-suck.

Diane D said...

I think I had that unicorn sticker growing up! That really cracked me up to see.
Cancer sucks. That is all

Roselady said...

I find it just fruitless to try and do too much when there's nice weather. It almost seems to defeat a kids natural curiousity to keep them inside when it's nice out...And, so glad you got to see dear friends.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, I loved unicorns as a girl! And Rainbow Brite :)

And I am loving pinterest and this warm weather too!!!

I am sorry for the loss of MaryBeth..

Reyna said...

So sorry for the loss of Mary Beth. xo