good friday

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday i don't care about you
it's Friday I'm in love . . .

Yep, Friday CUREs me of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!  So let's celebrate by thinking of three things you are happy about. (or, 'of which you are happy' if you don't like ending sentences with prepositions . . . Denise)

1.  Paprika.  Paaaaaaaprika.  Papriiiiiiika,  Paprikaaaaaa.  However you want to pronouce it, the Paprika App is one thing I am grateful for this week. I actually downloaded the recipe app a couple of months ago and have been adding in my favorite recipes from my collections of cookbooks.  I love when technology makes my life a little easier, and this app does not dissapoint . . . meal planning made easy(ier)!

~ In app brower to search online recipes
~ custamizable photos for a nice visual of the dish
~ custimazable categories to create your own index
~ calendar to meal plan from stored recipes or your own favorites
~ Click-of-a-button grocery list from your planned meals
~ back up to iCloud included in the app
~ only $4.99 as of 3/2/12 (I paid $6.99, but sooooo worth it)
~ go on and try it, you will Love, lOve, loVe, lovE it!

2.  That girl in the photo from yesterday . . . my oldest who doesn't like photos taken of her . . . well, she started a blog to review all things related to music.  She is combining her love for writing, music, and design and I happen o think that the blog is pretty fabulous.  Defying Dissonance.  Go and check her out and send some love or thoughts if you have the time!  ::major Mama gush::  I am so thankful God gave her to me to enjoy. 

design by nataliedee.com                
3.  I am grateful for my 4 furry little cats who make my day brighter by simply being themselves.  Our family loves to make up funny nicknames and little stories about what thier lives would be like as humans.  My kiddos like to draw and sketch the cats and weave them into stories, leaving me in stitches when they share the finished project.  I love to watch my 4-leggers interact with one another and chase each other down the hallway.  They give me love and cuddles and lots of laughs . . . I almost don't mind all the fuzz and fur they leave behind.  Wow.  Reading this back to myself sounds a little creepy, but I will wear the "Crazy Cat Lady" sash with pride if it means I get to enjoy my furry friends everyday.

Have a great weekend . . . what are YOU grateful for? (Or, for what are you grateful? . . . you're right, Denise . . . it does sound pretty pretentious)


Carma said...

So something to help with menu planning. Now that makes me reconsider my whole "don't need a smart phone" stance.

Amused greatly by your fuzz situation. We have just the two but then have the large canine who thinks of them as her pack. I think I have crossed that crazy cat/animal line a few times as well.

Diapeepees said...

Cat lady, oh cat lady, how I love proper preposition placement! (But not particularly paprika.) Today's homeschool assignment: alliteration.

NikDuck said...

Love the crazy cat lady reference!