T1D background noise

If I could touch that horn, I would wish for a cure for T1D. 

If Ellie's T1D was cured, my brain would no longer be filled with the background noise of the ever-present disease.

The high pitched barrage of questions looping through my brain would be replaced with the sweet sounds of anything-but-T1D-related-questions.

Questions, asked by Ellie just this past week, like:

1.  When will I be old enough to be a babysitter?
2.  When can you sign me up for horse riding lessons?
3.  Why can't I carry the baby from the living room to the kitchen?
4.  Why can't I have ice cream before bed?
5.  Why do we have to change my POD tonight instead of tomorrow?

Answers I gave to Ellie:

1.  After you take the American Red Cross babysitting course.
2.  I'll put that on my list of things to do.
3.  Because he is squirmy.
4.  Because we are out.
5.  Just because.

Answers (and more questions) I had a conversation about in my head:

1.  Babysitting?  As in watching other people's children?  As in being the responsible one in charge?  N-E-V-E-R.  What if you have a low and cant get to your 'sugar?'  What if . . . . way too many questions to address this request.

2.  Riding a horse?  Controlling a horse?  Falling off a horse?  Are you cRaZy?  What if you have a low while riding?

3.  Because you just checked your blood sugar and you are low.  You might drop him.  How are you ever going to babysit if you don't know to treat yourself before you pick up a baby?

4.  You can't have ice cream before bed when you have a blood sugar of 233.  I am going to lie to you and tell you we are out so I can find a more properly balanced snack before heading off to dreamland.

5.  Because the Apidra we are now using tends to putter out before the full 3 days of your POD.  I don't want to have to poke you more often, but this insulin works better overall, so changing a POD more often is worth it.  Right?  Won't this process give her a better A1C? 

I was happy to let Ellie carry this little cutie (not mine! just watching him for a friend) AFTER she treated the 47 blood sugar. 

How will she do this on her own ?????????????????


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...


The answer I hate giving the most is "because you have diabetes"....which, unfortunately is the answer that fits A LOT of the questions!

My favorite line is "it's not available" when they ask about a snack or a particular piece of clothing. What's funny is both girls now usually ask 'is blah, blah available?' which just cracks me up!!!

Thanks for the wind! :)

cjb said...

ugh. Amy-I am so sorry. Life is certainly not fair. But one thing I have found is that everyone is fighting some sort of "battle". You may not know it, but they are. Bless you and Ellie for being so strong.
(insert more wisdom here). :)

Sarah said...

she will do it all and she will be fantastic at it, too :) This is the gift I give all you mamas that don't see an adult with t1d daily, my husband is such a gift to my worries, maybe sharing his abilities and strengths with you will be too...he truly can do all the same things that a person without d can do, there isn't a single thing I can think of that is out of his grasp. The same goes for your beautiful daughter :)

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I send HUGS to you Amy! By God's grace, our children will flourish.

FeltFinland said...

She will so do it all on her own, scary I know but she will!!

Carma said...

I agree. She will be able to do tons of stuff. Including babysitting and horseriding and whatever. (Though I get the ice cream thing)
Perhaps you will need to be creative in how things are accomplished.
For babysitting, how about (After she takes the course) she sits for someone who needs to do outdoor stuff but wants the little one to stay inside. Or watch with another friend (works if there are more than two kiddos to be sat for)
For horseriding, there are some places that have horseriding times for kids with special needs, perhaps see if diabetes is covered in that. And if not, I am sure if you find a good place for riding, and tell the instructor what to keep an eye out for, they can work with you.
And BREATH. You are doing fine and your family is being watched over.