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The Bellison School of Independent Studies presents:

Homeschool Fieldtrips

Tuesday, April 3rd

Community Service at Kitchen Collage

Maddi in the bubble station at our Science Center
(she is happy . . . really . . . that is her 'WooHoo!' face)

 Ellie generating power by re-directing water

Ben just cannot stay away from the Lego's!

After the Science Center, we stopped by Kitchen Collage and helped cut seed potatoes for planting at a local farm.  This effort was part of community service project for our local chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign.  This year they are part of Go The Distance - Plant a Mile which will provide fresh produce to local food banks. 

Hopefully this is the first of many opportunities we will have to serve for the 2012 BFBL campaign.


Mary said...

Love it! And especially LOVE to see that you have a lego junkie in your house, too! So here's the question---if you were to empty YOUR vaccum cleaner, how many small lego pieces would you find in there? I'min the dozens, for sure.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Impressive woohoo face there Maddi! ;)
Love all the pics...love your fam...love you!