I am having a lazy Sunday, just piddling around getting this and that done. This is what I do when I am avoiding something b-i-g.

My girlies are going to leave me for 5 days. We are leaving in an hour to go and meet their cousins, who they will stay with until Friday. I know they will have a great time, but I am always nervous when I am separated from my DNA. Who will be able to look in their eyes and know they are fibbing? Who will know when Ellie starts fidgeting with her lip that she is tired? Who will remind Madison to shower? Their aunt, of course, because she is a mom and will take care of my babies. Any mom would know what to do, but never as good as the mom who owns the children.

So, today I spend my time keeping my body busy so my mind won't wander to all of the catastrophic events that could/may/might happen while Mads and Ellie are out of my reach.

Thank goodness kids will just continue to play and behave as if nothing is wrong and Mommy is not sad.

The weather is beautiful today! I am going to go out and pick some weeds out of my garden until it is time to go. I had better pack some Kleenex for the lonely ride home. Oh, yeah ...... and my iPod for some good jamming tunes.


Anonymous said...

Did you remember to leave the aunt with a copy of their insurance cards and a permission to treat note in the result of a medical emergency? Just wondering.

Amy said...

Shoot. Thanks for the reminder. I'm suprised Dave didn't think of it since he is the safety guy. I'll copy the insurance card and email a letter of medical release. I've done it before, but my brain must have farted this morning.