giddy for my garden

First of all, let me just state for the record I feel shame about not knowing more about gardening and growing food. I live in the Midwest and have all my life. Fertile soil, plenty of rain and good growing temperatures are abundant. I realize huge portions of the population live in suburban areas and are limited in space and resources. As a family living in Iowa with a nice sized yard, there is no reason we shouldn't take advantage of what we have and grow more than a pretty green lawn. Yes it takes some work, but the rewards exceed the perspiration and sore muscles.

Oh, and the excitement when you peek into the garden and see something that you could run over to the store and purchase? Well, it's fabulousity at it's finest.

Hey! Look at me! I'm a Cherry Tomato! And I brought along a few friends!

I so didn't know cucumber plants produce a yellow flower. I also thought one plant would produce one cucumber. See?! I'm Clueless.

And guess what THIS is? (other than a bad blurry photo where my macro didn't want to work) ........... it is the beginning of a kohlrabi!

To all those who are unable to grow a garden, I am sorry. You are welcome to come and pick weeds whenever you feel like it.

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