first harvest

Last night I was craving a salad for dinner, so I walked out my back door and picked some lettuce and a few radishes. Not quite enough for a hearty salad, but "hey, look! These vegetables grew in my back yard!" I have been waiting to say that phrase for years and am so glad things are turning out. I added store bought romaine, green bell peppers, broccoli slaw, green onions, cucumbers and some baby carrots. I also cut up the remains of the grilled chicken from Sunday's BBQ and topped off the meal by making some garlic flat bread. Nutritious, light and very satisfying.

Handy-dandy Tip: I use my Pampered Chef chopper quite often. One of the last shows I went to someone mentioned you can use the chopper to chop up ice and it will clean and sharpen the blades all in one fell swoop.
I realize a photo is a little over the top, but hey .... the camera was there and I was feeling a little trigger happy.

Today was a success at the pool. I checked the weather channel before slopping on the sunscreen so we wouldn't have a repeat of yesterday afternoon. Oh, I didn't mention that? Yeah, I had gotten the kids + 1 friend all changed into bathing suits and sprayed down with sunscreen. We went out to the garage, loaded up on the bikes and took off for the pool. All of the sudden I notice a strange cool breeze coming from the north. Huh, 106 degrees (w/ heat index) and a cool breeze? Something didn't add up. But when I looked up and saw the dark clouds with pricks of lightening running through them I knew for certain I had screwed up. Ellie's eyes were as round as saucers and I could see she was ready to cry ...... major fear of thunderstorms. We made a quick u-turn and headed back for home. Not 5 minutes later a big 'ole storm blew through bringing over 2.5 inches of rain and heavy winds. I learned my lesson and checked the forecast before heading out today. It's only week 4 of summer vacation, folks. I still have LOADS of time to make some more mistakes.

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