hot mess

After three weeks of below seasonal temperatures, the heat is ON. Our air conditioner could not keep up with the sun's incessant heat. In an effort to cool off the kids and tame their nasty moods, we moved the Nintendo Wii to the basement, where the below ground temps are much more forgiving. The kids hung out there all evening, and the wining and fighting ceased.......for a bit.

I am beginning to question my decision to not fix the second car. It was too hot to ride our bikes to the pool yesterday, so we waited until Dave came home and then took the miniature van. Such a wimp! We will try to ride our bikes today, but the weather people are claiming 106 degree heat index by mid afternoon. I wonder what the wind created by riding really fast would do to the index. Maybe I should spend the morning trying to figure that one out. It's all I have energy for since mowing the lawn ..... at 8:30am and the humidity was nasty.

In random news, here is a picture of our Father's Day meal. Yes, I made my husband cook. It was his fault he invited his parents over, so this was his penance. Oh, but the penance tasted sooooo good!


Anonymous said...

She don't eat meat...but she sure like the bone.

Amy said...

Thank you, Kara