jump right in. the water's just fine

So intimidating …… this first post thing. Do I start from the moment of my birth, or just jump right in? My personality fits better wih door number 2.

Today is the first day of summer vacation and for the first time I am not scared of the 10+ weeks of being home with the kiddos. I am not currently working, so we have the wold at our fingertips with no limitations other than money. I should feel constrained by the lack of dough but oddly I am at peace with reality. Time to focus on the simple pleasures, creative alternatives and new experiences. What better lesson to share with my children then how to have fun and spend time together without spending money ……… well frivolously, anyway.

My hopes for this space is to include:

  • photos. I love to capture the moment
  • the good, the bad & the ferociously ugly
  • ideas to share and inspire
  • updates for those not lucky enough to spend every waking moment with us
  • a safe space to call my own

Photo of the day:

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