reunion time

Thursday night we loaded up the van with way too much stuff for a family of 5 to ever need for 2 days. We set off for Omaha, grabbed the grandparents and continued on our journey to the Magorian family reunion in southwest Nebraska. The relation is on my mother-in-law's side, and this year the crowd was at an all time high of 50+ family members. The reunion itself was fairly standard with yummy food, lots of kids running around , tons of photos and times of remembrances. The kids traveled extremely well, thanks to portable DVD player. How did people survive family road trips without them?

One of the best parts of the trip were the older, small town playgrounds. You remember the kind ..... loaded with metal, peeling paint and absolutely no safety guides in place. These are the F-U-N playgrounds. Lots of spinning to make parents tired from pushing and kids nauseous from riding.

Take a look at this relic:

Then I posed the kids, with their matching T-shirts, on this old gal and let them spin until they were dizzy.

We stayed in a Motel (every time someone said "let's go back to the hotel" Ben would yell "It's not a Hotel, it's a Motel) complete with indoor pool and hot tub. If you ask the kids, I am sure they will say it was the best part of the trip. My favorite part of the trip was being able to spend some uninterrupted, un-routine, un-responsibility time with my hubby and kids. I am now refreshed and ready to tackle the 3rd week of summer vacation.

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