The girls and I woke up this morning and decided to take a road trip. We kissed the boys goodbye and yelled "see ya later" as we squealed out of the driveway. The music was loud and the fun bags were full as we headed to visit my sister's new home. I was anxious to take a tour of the new abode, but more excited to love and kiss and chase my little niece, M.

I wanted to eat those cheeks.

My sister took us on the grand tour of the town. We lunched, we walked, we shopped. Soon, too soon, it was time to say goodbye and hop back in the car to head home to our boys. 3 hours drive, 6 hours of visiting and 3 hours back home. What a great way to spend a summer Saturday.

Oh, and M is a pretty good driver but I'm glad I wasn't on the road she was at the wheel.

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wayout said...

Those are some sweet cheeks! Look at those prety girls. Just missin that little sweet fiesty Cathcart girl, Alyssa. ;-)

Amy this is a cool idea, Now, I can see what everyone is up to all the way from Seattle.