week 1: Mom 1 Kids 0

I would have to say I totally scored this week. The kids are still alive and most importantly, I am as well. True, it is only the end of week 1, but don't they all say everything is hardest in the beginning?

Today is hubby's birthday. He is off at work and the kids and I have been planning a few surprises for him when he gets home. First up: 1 homemade banana cream pie. I have never made it so we will have to wait until the jury returns with a verdict. Second: 5-hour stew for dinner tonight ..... his request. I have made this dinner several times, so I am anxiously awaiting the supper hour to dig into some hearty yummyness. Finally: a short-stop video card from M, E, & B to let their daddy know how much they love him.

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