saturday at the berg's

All hail the virtues and possibilities of Saturday home improvement projects. Rah! ..... Rah!

We have lived in this home for 4 years,5 months & have done many home improvement/destruction projects. Many started, few completed ...... you know the drill. So little time, so little money and such short attention spans.

It was the middle of January when we moved in, so the yard was blanketed in beautiful fluffy snow. Everything looked so pretty! As spring sprung and the white turned to brown then to green, we took notice of the 'not so pretty' parts of our yard. The metal shed in the backyard was a shining beacon in all it's ugly glory. Dave and I took one look at each other and declared "The shed will come down this summer!" quoted ~ 5/15/2005

::taps fingers as you ponder the date and assume what actually happened::

This Saturday we took the shed down, baby!
Supplies required to take her down:
  • drill with phillips head bit (didn't think I'd know that?)
  • 2 shovels to move the 7cubic feet of dirt (previously placed when we did other landscaping projects)
  • one pair of gloves to keep from getting bloody scratches (safety first!)
  • one cute guy with a mighty fine butt (he's not for hire)
  • 2 pieces of chipboard plywood (to create a new floor)
And, Voila!!!!!
The plastic playhouse has been hanging out in our semi-finished basement for several seasons. Great for the kids, not so great when we could use the floor space. Ellie declared we needed some potted plants to spruce the place up.

Granted, we haven't increased our property value by completing this project, but we have completed a project. I'd say this was a very good accomplishment.


Wendy said...

That looks totally cute!!! I can relate to buying a home in the winter. We moved into ours in early March and had only seen the yard with snow. Funny how when it melted we saw there's a drainage "river" that forms thru all our backyards every time it rains. It's quite lovely and wet and the swingset had to be put up a few feet closer than we would have wanted - hhmmpph!

Sara said...

I especially liked the lighting you added to the after picture. No camera tricks, now. We just want reality!

Amy said...

actually, the 'before' was taken around 8:30 at night, so no direct sun. The 'after' was around 4pm, so we had some sun. I do like my camera tricks, but none on this one!