summer of biking

I have declared the 'Summer of 2009' to be our season of biking.

Hahahahahah. Uhm, no, not that kind of biking. The Harley in the photo belongs to my father, who purchased this speeding-death-trap a couple of months ago. Ah, another post for another day.

We will stick to the peddling kind thank-you-very-much. Hubby's car needs repaired and we decided not to fix it.........for now. The kids are out of school and activities for the summer and I am purposely unemployed. Since we live in a fairly small community, why not use our bikes for transportation?! It's great exercise, eco-friendly and forces the kids and I to scale back on outings that often turn expensive. We are able to ride to the library, the pool, the grocery store, friend's houses and, like this morning, to the kid's dentist appointment.

M rides her bike, E has her training wheel free bike, and B & I ride my bike with an attached trail along bike. Similar to:

I even added a wire basket, but in white:

If you see us around town, give us a honk or a wave and definitely a wide berth. Our posse takes up some serious pavement.

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Jody said...

We need a tag-along for Brenna. She's gotten too tall for her bike but isn't ready for the next step- no training wheels!

We bike a lot in the summer- just not to the grocery store... Too much stuff to bring home!