the way to my daughter's heart

is through crafting. M is extremely creative and if I take the time to slow down and help her, we can make those creative thoughts come to fruition.

Last month hubby, M and I traveled to Omaha to see the musical, Wicked. Grandma B graciously gifted the tickets to us last Christmas for the May production at the Orpheum Theatre. It was a wonderful night, not just for seeing the musical, but for an opportunity to have an evening alone with M in the city hubby and I grew up in. We took her to dinner at a favorite mexican restaurant, Fernandos, and then downtown to the old theatre. I wish I would have thought to bring my camera to take a snapshot of M underneath the marquee. Hubby and I have been to the Orpheum many times, both for personal performances and for taking in a show/production. We walked the halls of the theatre and pointed out all of the wonderful architecture of the place. Remembrances of hubby as a young boy puking in the hallway, to my whorish dance makeup used when I was performing in a dance recital. Ah, memories.

M was blown away by the show and has been obsessed with all things 'Wicked' since. She wears her T-shirt often and proudly, and downloaded the soundtrack to her iPod. Yesterday she wanted to create something with the 'Wicked' theme in mind, so we sat down and formed a plan. Since she is a wiz on the computer, she designed some artwork with pictures from the show. We printed them out on iron-on-transfer paper and decided a bag would be the perfect project. We finished it this morning and both of us are thrilled with the results.

She plans to add some finishing touches ........ names of the characters and the date, place and time of the production we attended. All in Sharpie of course; her favorite writing tool.


Katie said...

You are AWESOME!!!! I love it, and wish I could do something half that!
Your doing great on the blog also, wish I could keep up on mine. :)
Call me.

Katie said...

you better read my comment...it took me FOREVER to post, I could remember my password!!! HA!