one of those days

I am having 'one of those days' that seemed to be morphing into one of those dayssssssss. I know it is a combination of:
  • no more party planning
  • PMS
  • the summer is more than 1/2 way over
  • PMS
  • the mess of my house with the kids home all day
  • PMS
  • not reaching out to my girlfriends to complain
Even though I can name the reasons, it is not enough to pull me out of the 'funk.' To top it off, I am challenging myself this week by agreeing to have a garage sale.

Garage sales give me the shakes and shivers. All those people looking at my stuff, picking up my stuff, judging my stuff and then asking for a lower price for my stuff. Or, worse yet, putting my stuff back and deciding it is not worthy to be their stuff. Let's not even start talking about all of those people being in my 'personal space.' ::shake::shiver::

I have to remind myself of the valuable lesson I learned by hosting Ellie's birthday party in my 'personal space.' It wasn't that bad. In fact, I kind of had a little fun. I kind of forgot all those people were in my 'personal space' and I didn't really care about it anymore.

Besides, I have a friend who is as virgin to the garage sale hosting as I am, joining me with all of her family's stuff. Someone to share my neurosis with! Well, at least someone to watch my neurosis ....... which can be quite hilarious according to my loved ones.

What makes YOU neurotic? Please share so I can feel 'one with the people' today.


Anonymous said...

I have those days ocassionally! well in fact I had a few while on my trip to Disney. Fortunatly..... with my Green witchy ways , i was able to whip up some fab tea and watch my day melt away~

Funk.....We all get in them. When Hubby is right in the throws of one Miss Pollyanna (me) comes to the rescue. But it seems that as soon , or right shortly after... I Miss Pollyanna gets into her own FUNK! Ebb & Fow is all it really is. I always get a kick out of the MANY Depression Med comercials. Jeeze, aren't we allowed a few days EVER to feel blue or blah??? Ha ! Makes me giggle, because Laughter is the best medicine of all.
Loved the pictures of the birthday celebration. Awesome job!!! Xo

Anonymous said...

Uh oh.... Can't remember my password!