well ........ hello there!

I have been missing in action for the past week. My brain was only able to focus on one thing at a time, and even then I question whether the synopses were really firing. Bullet points seem to be the best way to catch up and move on:

  • PMS has been battled and conquered. For this cycle, anyway. I can't wait for menopause.
  • The "Garage sale of 2009" did not make the cut for another season. The pilot episode was fun, but turned out to be WAY too much work for too little financial return. I will miss my co-stars, the fun-loving Bakke's, but we all must move on to other projects. The negotiations favored the buyers and the children surpassed the legal amount of time to work. If you missed it, I hear the re-run will air on the Gambling Channel following the 2am greyhound race.
  • My girls are traveling this week for their final summer adventure. I simply cannot believe they return to school in 3.5 weeks. I am not ready!!!!!! We haven't had enough fun yet.
  • We had a Sunday morning mad dash to the urgent care when Ben decided he wanted to 'fly' off the swing on the count of three. Three came and went, leaving his shorts (& the boy) attached to the swing. The shorts gave up and dumped Ben to the ground, landing him on his face and wrists. Dave couldn't see which body part hit first, so after the tears and dirt were wiped away we decided to play it safe and take him to get an X-ray. All turned out just fine, however, Ben is a little disappointed he didn't get a cast.
Who wouldn't want a repeat of this? Christmas of 2006

I am hoping for a nice, calm week with just me and my boys. Lots of picking up the house, organizing and crafting. For today? Not much. Not much at all ...... I hope.

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