sneak peak of party flag banner

Since we didn't have our annual 4th of July party to attend, our holiday was pretty laid back. Dave did some more finish work on the drywall and I worked some magic on my sewing machine.

In a previous post, I've mentioned Ellie's backyard carnival party, and this flag banner is something I have been wanting to make. All of the fabric was in my stash, so all I purchased was some bias binding ...... because I am lazy and didn't want to make my own. Have you ever made bias binding? Mind numbing I tell you. If I had a fancy tool to make it go quicker I might reconsider making it; but probably not. We plan to hang the banner over our driveway so the guests can walk underneath it to enter the festival extravaganza!

Madison and a friend finished painting the bean-bag-toss game. Dave took a piece of MDF, cut 4 holes and spray painted the whole thing white. Mads planned out the design (seals) and drew it herself. She had a little trouble with the painting ...... still a learning curve to get over.

Ellie and I made the blue bean bags you see stacked on the floor. Other than party favors, we are just about ready for her party. I hope to tie up those loose ends this week. For now, I plan to clean up the craft room and pick a soft spot on the couch to read a book. Ahhhhhhh.

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