So, what does your husband do for a living?

I always struggle to answer this question. He is a Geologist by education and works in the Environmental/Engineering/Consulting business. I think. I mean he leaves in the morning and comes back home at night and every two weeks he brings home some bacon. Dave is not defined by his work, so I try not to define it either. Some days, however, he provides me with the perfect answer to "what do you do all day"?

:: phone ringing at 10am ::

Dave: "He babe; just called tell you where I am driving to right now."

Me: wiping sleep out of my eyes because my God, who calls this early?!
"Are you driving to the nudie bar?"

Dave: "Ah, no. So I am about to leave the office when I walk by the front desk and see the message light on the phone is blinking."

Me: "So why didn't your secretary answer the phone? Oh, yeah. You don't have a secretary."

Dave: "Do you want to hear the story? Okay. So there was a message from some guy who saw our company name on some old oil drum barrels. The ^%$)(* contractors were supposed to dispose of them after we did our testing. They obviously didn't. This guy goes on to say he thinks he sees a dead body hanging out of one of the barrels. So, I am headed out to the job site to take a look."

Me: "WTF? Call the police! Do not go out there by yourself. Are you nuts? Geez, babe .... what are you thinking? A dead body? What if this is a trap?"

Dave: "Oh, don't worry. I'll just go out there and have a quick look around. It was probably a crank call, anyway. The guy didn't leave a name or number to call back. I'm sure just a couple of punks were messing around in the area and wanted to play a prank joke."

Me: "Well, alright. But I really don't think you should be going by yourself. Do you P-R-O-M-I-S-E to call the police if anything looks fishy? Oh, and call me back AS SOON as you know something. Love you, Bye"

:: 4 hours later, phone rings::

Me: coughing the bon bons up and swallowing quick so I can answer the phone
"Hi! Why did you wait so long to call me back?"

Dave: "Call you back.......why?"

Me: "Um, the dead body?!"

Dave: "Oh, that. I drove out there and poked around a bit, but I didn't see anything. There may have been a dead body there somewhere, but not anywhere obvious."

Me: "So, that's it?"

Dave: "Yep. Off to another job site to see some guy and tell him to do some stuff. Love you, Bye"

All in a days work.

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