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Last week my I wrote about my father-in-law coming over to help us move along our project for Madison's basement room. I was going to save the obligatory 'before and after' post until the project was completed, but what fun would that be? A little suspense and teasing is GOOD for the soul. And, besides, I have way too much fun taking photos along the way.

Madison left a little message for her Grandpa ...... written on the wall ....... with a Sharpie. I am such a cool parent. She also wrote "Goodbye yellow walls" and "Thank you Dad" signed with a little heart. So grateful.

The walls were concrete foundation, so the first step was framing up the walls to add insulation and drywall. Take notice of the carpet; it is a cheap Berber and we wanted it outta there.

Drywall done! Mudding, taping and sanding done professionally by Dave. He is not for hire, so don't ask.


The carpet........?

What's the issue? It was a steal of a deal!

Um, ....... Madison picked it out?

This hideous excuse for a floor covering was under the Berber carpet. We knew this ahead of time because the ENTIRE basement was wall to wall red plush love. Kind of grows on you, huh?

Not done yet! The 'party carpet' was backed by a ^$#@%^ caustic rubber adhered with nasty chemicals to the cement floor. Removal by a scraper and lots of new curse word for the children to add to their repertoire.

Thank goodness Dave has lots of favors he can call in with the people he works around. A tough guy named Bernie loaned us a pneumatic scraper and the job was completed in a couple of evenings. Madison baked Bernie some chocolate chip cookies as a thank you gift for sparing her siblings' ears of more naughty phrases.

........... please tune in next time for more updates to the basement room remodeling tale!

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