let us just forget

Let us just forget:

  • ...... I haven't written a new post in 15 days
  • ...... I promised myself I would have more time for quiet thoughts now the kids are in school
  • ...... All of the house cleaning and schedule I told myself I would keep up on (NOT MY HOUSE; but a nice reminder it could be if I don't implement my plan
  • ...... I considered baking a new type of cookie each week for the kiddos, then reconsidered due to the 1000's of extra calories

Let us just remember:

  • ...... I wanted to make a blanket for my new niece (hopefully not arriving until November 3rd) and, here it is!

  • ...... I had plans to make my mother-in-law some more grocery bags, and, viola!

  • ...... Babies are the best thing in the whole wide world; especially when they are named Freddy and are related to you (nephew)

  • Those who lost and gave their lives on September 11, 2001

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