I feel a little guilty (okay, a LOT guilty) when I sit down at my computer to read other blogs. An indulgence, really. Solidly placed in the category of I-have-so-many-other-things-I-could-be-doing. In the "needs v.s. wants" list? ........ emphatically etched in the latter.

In order to keep my time involved in the 'not necessary' zone, I have set up all of my favorite blogs in a Reader. Google Reader to be exact. Just one of many programs designed to make keeping up with the sites you visit easier. Let's look at an example of how I used to read my favorite blogs.

  • Click on my 'bookmark' folder tab, scroll down to the first blog on the list, load the page and check to see if there was a new entry. Click on my 'bookmark' folder, scroll down to the next blog on the list, load the page and check to see if there was a new entry. Rinse, lather and repeat until I reached the last blog.
New and improved version:

  • Click on my 'Google Reader" tab and see a list of the blogs who have an update. Click on the title and read the newest entry. Let's do it again! Click on my 'Google Reader" tab and see a list of the blogs who have an update. Click on the title and read the newest entry.
WooHoo! Oh, I forgot to add you need to first SET-UP your reader and plug in you favorite blogs' website address where it asks for new subscriptions. Done. Sit back, relax and wait for the updates to come to you.


When visiting a particular blog, say ME, look around the site for a button or box that has an RSS Feed. If a blog accepts RSS feed, (real simple syndication feed) you will see this icon in your Internet address bar. Click on the icon, select RSS feed and select your reader. Now you are a subscribed member to that particular blog! Clear as mud?

:: clears throat; steps down from lectern. Five minute recess, y'all ::

Of the 48 blogs I follow religiously, I wanted to share a couple with you. These particular blogs and their writers leave me laughing, crying, raging, sympathizing and jaw-dropping awing. Maybe they will for you, too.

  1. 6 year med is the story of a med student turned resident who chronicles her experiences in the medical community. Funny and heart-wrenching reads.
  2. Fat Cyclist is all about cycling (duh) and the personal struggle one man went through while dealing with a spouse who fought cancer. The Lance Armstrong 'Livestrong' campaign is benefiting big time from this man's fight.
  3. One Pretty Thing is a multiple times a day dose of all things crafty. Most of my project ideas either come directly or are inspired by the ideas found on this website.
  4. Stillman Says says it best in his title description "an experiment with two chairs, one table and a sign that reads "creative approaches to what you have been thinking about" and "pay what you like or take what you need"...and other things? Fascinating stuff here, folks.
  5. And finally, Blair from Wise Craft has held a special place in my reader from the beginning. Simply stated ......... she just inspires me.
These are just a few of the blogs who grab my attention and show me a new way to look at life. Now, let me ask you ................ is that such an indulgence?


Wendy said...

OK will set up the update blog thingie right now! Btw, I always read AMALAH - which I got from your blog a couple years back!! :0)

Amy said...

Amalah is a daily favorite. If you like her site, you should also check out www.dooce.com. Good luck with the reader! Call me if you have trouble ..... not that you would ..... maybe I did and just want to help someone else out?!

Wendy said...

OK one Q on the reader (which I am finding to be handy!!). Can you put a private blog on it? I tried to put on the Fat Girls' Blog and it would not let me?? Oh - and will something show up in google reader if there is a new comment??


p.s. I have seen you tooling around town in your fixed-up van, I just wave too late!!