budget busters

How the heck can I put together a workable budget when every time I turn around, the kids have brought something home from school requesting funding.

Just today, by email and school notices sent home, we have been asked to:

1. Purchase a t-shirt for middle school. To show pride. To wear in the band performances. Really ...... completely optional, but major guilt attachments. = $10

2. Middle School Yearbook. Because ya know, on the last day everyone signs yours and you are a social pariah if you don't have one. = $20

3. Home Room mother requesting money for class Fall party ..... THIS Friday. Oh, and can you come in and help, too?! That would be great. = $3.00

4. Another Home Room mother requesting bags of candy for the Fall party pinata. And if you could ...... come in and help THIS Friday ........ on the same day and time as your other child's party. Play favorites; they won't care. = $10

5. Birthday party invitation for Ellie. THIS Sunday. Yeah, bring a gift = $15

6. All of the above coming on the heels of Family Fun night where we dropped cash to fund all of the stuff the school wants to do but doesn't have money for. = $25 ........ yeah, real fun.

7. UPDATE: Maddi wants to go to the 6th grade social THIS Friday. To, um socialize with friends. = $5

Total Request Amount in 1 week = $78

How am I supposed to get ahead when all of this miscellaneous crap is pulling me back?

Oh. I am supposed to TAKE a crap and then my money problems will be solved.

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