in an instant

In an instant, I smelled something burning and grabbed Dave to help me investigate. Once we realized the washing machine was the culprit, I took the kids outside while Dave grabbed the fire extinguisher ...... just in case. Conclusion: the motor is fried. Consequence: Mama's going to be making some trips to the laundromat. Thank goodness we discovered the problem quickly and were able to prevent something more damaging.

In an instant, my sister's Placental Previa could decide to act up and pull away from her uterus. This is the EXACT reason she has spent the last 30 days in a hospital and has another 23 to go. Soon, but hopefully not too soon, it will be all over and she will have her little baby girl safely in her arms.

In an instant, someone's minivan rolled off the interstate and landed a good 50 feet from the road. Four semi-trucks were pulled over and more help was on the way. As we drove along, we noticed an ambulance, a firetruck, a couple of volunteer EMT vehicles and a highway patrol car speed down the opposite site of the road with their lights and sirens blazing. Dave and I looked at each other and wondered what could have happened to have that vehicle lose control. Yelling at their kids to be quiet? (We did that) Adjusting the volume or DVD screen or putting another movie into the player? (We've done that before) Reaching to find a ringing cell phone? (Yep, been there) or divvying up the food just purchased at the fast food joint one exit back. (Eerily, we had just completed that task)

In an instant, lives change. Sometimes the mark left behind is small and manageable and life continues on as if nothing ever happened. But sometimes, the mark left behind is permanent and life as you know it is not recognizable.

Yes, I am going to say, "hug your children now" followed by "tell your husband he is the greatest" and then I'll tell you to "remind those you love how much they mean to you" because ......... this is an instant, too.

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