happy halloween

And, this is the last day of the month AND the last entry of my month of daily blogging! Yeah! I did it! I only had to 'make' myself sit down to write a couple of times. The rest of the time I sat down, opened up the page and the words/subjects wrote themselves. I don't think I will continue blogging on a daily basis, but this exercise did get me back into the habit and reminded me how much I like to do it. Win-Win.

For today, I will post the obligatory photos of my kids in their Halloween costumes. They Trick-or-Treated last night, as our community hosts a 'Beggar's Night' from 6-8pm on the day before Halloween. Why not on Halloween night? Who knows. Just something strange that we just go along with and not question.

Ben - aka a Storm Trooper (3 sizes to big, but hey .... borrowers can't be choosers)

Ellie - aka a spotted horse (Maddi's old costume I added a couple of things to make it unique for Ellie)

Madison - aka Hippie Chick (got a 2nd use out of her themed outfit for school earlier in the week)

Total Spent on Halloween Costumes = $1.86 to add felt and some more yarn to the horse costume.

Total amount my kids wanted me to spend on store bought costumes = $75.00

Total amount of time they wore their costumes = 2 hours.

THAT is why I didn't want to spend money!!!!! I do feel bad for saying no to them, but it's not like I didn't have another option for them. Since the school district doesn't allow Halloween parties (so no costumes worn to school) the only time they would have them on would be for trick-or-treating. I hope the money saved now won't have to go for therapy later.

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