• Why does the coffee maker slow down when I need that cup of goodness right NOW?!
  • How is it possible I can feel so much joy and the next moment be drowning in darkness?
  • Why is my body changing as fast now as it did in puberty?
  • How is it food tastes better when eaten with my best friend?
  • Why do I miss someone who doesn't speak, smile or even recognize me yet?
  • When did the tables turn to parenting my parents?
  • Why are things made now so inferior to things made years ago?
  • How can I inspire my children to reach for their dreams if I don't show them how?
  • When did my children loose their 'baby' smell? I mean, exactly when?
  • Where did my oldest child's wisdom and creative spirit come from?
  • Why did I not realize sooner the value of a great girlfriend relationship?
  • What changed to make us a society concerned so much with consumption?

I hope I never stop asking questions. Inspiration lies in the answers. I think my coffee might be ready now.

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