someday she will kill me for this

I am certain one day I will print out my blog into a nice 'coffee table' book to stash away in my personal belongings; only to be found by my children after I have expired. Madison, being my responsible 1st born, will place the book in a safe place for later viewing. Once all of her siblings have gathered together, along with copious amounts of alcohol, they will sit down and celebrate my life by reading my blog book. They will laugh! They will cry! They will ponder the deep thoughts and wonder how I ever got to be so worldly and smart!

Than they will get to this post.

Ben & Ellie will snort and howl with laughter, while Madison weeps into her Jack & Coke. Just a guess, here folks. Remember, I will be expired.

Story begins:

Everyone is born hating certain parts of their body and trying to fix whatever the 'family curse' has traveled through the gene pool and ended up in their cellular structure. For sweet Maddi girl, the curse found a home right between her beautiful brown eyes ........... the unibrow.

Before Maddi's hormones kicked in and the baby fat on her cheeks melted away, this spot on her face was peppered with daily, sometimes hourly, kisses from me. The she reached pre-pubescence and my kissing spot was peppered with hair! Black, stubbly hair.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! The curse has continued!

I have wanted to get my tweezers on those pesky hairs for years, however, I didn't want to make that personal grooming decision for her. But, what if she liked the unibrow? What if she didn't notice her anomaly before some pimply faced red headed boy pointed it out to her in a most embarrassing manner? So, I waited ........ and my moment of joy arrived last night ...... all on her own.

I was doing MY OWN personal unibrow grooming in my bathroom when Maddi walked in to say goodnight. She was a little scared and freaked out by a video I had her watch (you know, the ones where they tell you to look real close at the screen for something amazing, only to have a very scary face pop up in an unexpected moment! Boo! Don't judge me ...... I thought she would find it funny). Soooooo, she was coming in to tell me she couldn't go to sleep due to the scary image. (um yeah, karma bit me in the arse)

I quickly glanced at Maddi, then went in for the kill. "Honey, do you want me to pluck your eyebrow? Er, I mean eyebrows?"

Now here is where she would normally jump up and run from me. Maddi doesn't like to talk, hear or even think about her body changes. Nope. Doesn't want to deal with it.

Maddi: "Okay" shrugging her shoulders

Well, I just spun around and started right to work. Talking as I plucked ...... and plucked ..... and plucked. But, not too much. This IS her first time, after all. She winced a little and gave me a couple of forced sighs, but overall I'd say our little mommy-daughter mini-makeover went swimmingly.

Even though I am sad to see the unibrow genes carry on, I am thankful for the opportunity of bonding they gave to me tonight. As I reminded Maddi, "Anything you don't like about yourself or think is funny or a little off, just remember it all is something you got from Mom or Dad. Think of them as our little personal gifts just for you."

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