something old something new

Something Old:

Maddi-girl's school is hosting 'Red Ribbon Week' and is creating themes each day to spread the message of say no to drugs. Today was Hippie-Dippie-Trippie day, which when you think about it, seems oddly paired with a no-drug message. Mads explained it as "say yes to peace, love and happiness .......... say no to drugs." Okey Dokey

Instead of going out to the Goodwill or Salvation Army store, we opted for the homemade look and style. Some white fabric triangles sewn into the slit of the pants provided the bell bottom pants and leftover white fabric turned into a headband. Maddi and her trusty Sharpies colored the peace signs over the blank canvas and viola, instant hippie.


Too school for school, man.

Something New:

I decided to add Maddi to my calling plan, and cancel the KaJeet subscription. The service is great, but I was tired of monitoring 2 accounts and the limitations you can place on the phone become irritating when you need to dial an unexpected number. In addition, Mads has proven responsible for the phone and I decided to let us both upgrade. She is now the owner of a new to her cell phone with texting capabilities, and I am have a shiny new Samsung Reclaim. Did I really need it? Heck no. Did I have to pay for it? Heck no. Did I sweet talk the salesperson into switching my number to the new one along with syncing my contacts/photo/schedule lists on my old phone? Heck yes. Did I waste copious amounts of time today playing with my new techie toy? Heck yes. It's nice to have something new every once in a while.

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